Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Car Smell: Does it hazardous? (Part 1)

There's one thing concerning the smell of a new automobile where for some people, the leathery, plasticky aroma that hits you once you slide behind the wheel may be a pleasurable scent, seductive smells or even perhaps addictive. On the other hand, for some people  the smell is stinking, especially for somebody who has an acute chemical sensitivity.

What exactly provides rise to new automotive smell? The explanation, not stunning to chemists, could be a complicated mixture of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), primarily alkanes and substituted benzenes in conjunction with many aldehydes and ketones.

Almost each solid surface inside a vehicle could be materials made from fabric or plastic that's held along partly with adhesives and sealers. Outgassing of residual solvents and different chemicals from these materials results in a dilute ocean of VOCs floating around the passenger compartment. An equivalent effect also happening to brand new airplanes, homes, and offices.

Every automobile producer has its own commonplace for total VOCs in cars, one automobile company spokesman says, however he's unaware of any government standards regulating air quality within new vehicles.

Separate elements of new automobile smell are not harmful, however the cumulative effects of long-term exposure to the overall mixture of VOCs might create health issues. Luckily, high concentrations of those compounds quickly dissipate simply a number of months once manufacture. Although VOC concentrations will reach unhealthy levels during a closed vehicle on a heat day, the air-exchange rate during an automobile is high when somebody opens a door, rolls down a window, or activates the air conditioner.

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