Saturday, December 3, 2011

Big Flood in Kajang City, Malaysia

Kajang, Malaysia November 3, 2011: The city was paralyse when flooded more than one meter lead to dozens of vehicles submerged and business premises in  water after heavy rain for two hours starting at 2.30 pm yesterday.

In addition to several major roads in the city center, some residential areas were also flooded which hit from 3.30 pm causing nine people had been transferred from Jalan Kelapa Village. Among other areas, which also involved are Bukit Road, Reko Road, Semenyih Road, Kampung Sungai Kantan Road and Sungai Jelok Road.

Dozens of vehicles parked in parking spaces on the streets and in shopping complex, Metro Kajang reported lost, even more water drift into the underground floor of the complex causes businesses and people panic. Deputy Director of Operations, Selangor Fire and Rescue Department, Mohd. Harul Sani, said he received a call about the incident into account - some at 3:51 pm and 20 members from Kajang and Cheras Fire Station moved to the location of the incident.

"Five people, including three senior citizens who are trapped in the house in Kampung Sungai Kantan successfully removed, while four others including two women rescued in the Jalan Kelapa Village.
"The rescue was launched in three major areas flooded up to waist level of Sungai Kantan Village, Jalan Kelapa Village and Market Street Village Kajang," he said when contacted.

He said the villagers informed Kelapa Road, today's worst floods since 40 years ago in which 12 houses there fully sank in the water.

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